Group Chat Rules

A little bit of off-topic is allowed here, as long as it's kept short and everyone turns into happy helpers the moment someone needs help. But just don't let it go on and on, that's when you take it to the Builders Brewery Speakeasy secondlife:///app/group/1f010366-7e36-4d6c-bfef-95784b3bf3b9/about

Basically, just use common sense. Please be aware that you will be muted from group chat and/or face ejection from the group if you violate any of these rules.

Please also see SL Community Standards and SL Terms of Service

Index of Rules


Before You Read Anything Else, Remember this...

  • Most of the time, people really do mean well, but are misunderstood due to limitations of the Internet, language barriers, or writing styles to express oneself well. Think good thoughts of everyone. While reading someones post, it helps to envision them as a friend with a smile, and good intent.
  • Agree to disagree, shake hands and go your own directions. Hold your tongue.
  • Lag can delay responses, hang in there
  • When drama happens, it’s best to not say anything, otherwise, it will only continue.
  • The Moderator still has the final say, and rules pertaining to the situation are at the discretion of the Moderator.
  • We are not always right 100% of the time, nor can we cover every base in these rules, but do try hard to be fair and impartial to the benefit of all members. If you wish to discuss an action taken by a Moderator, please submit a notecard with the time and context of the situation to Sensuous Maximus or Supremius Maximus. We are always open to discuss any situation.

Staying On-Topic & SOCIAL CHAT

BB Group Chat is intended to be focused primarily on topics within Second Life. This includes building, making clothes, textures, scripts, sculpts, animations, land issues, land management, and so forth. Most anything that affects our functions within Second Life are permitted, keeping within the realm of the rules presented here.

A little bit of off-topic is allowed here, as long as it's kept short and everyone turns into happy helpers the moment someone needs help. But just don't let it go on and on, that's when you take it to the Builders Brewery Speakeasy secondlife:///app/group/1f010366-7e36-4d6c-bfef-95784b3bf3b9/about

Use common sense. Please be aware that you will be muted from group chat and/or face ejection from the group if you violate any of these rules.


Social Chat

Social chat is allowed, but within reason and should be kept to a relative minimum. Building-related questions take immediate precedence over all conversations, so please take the time out to acknowledge and help them as they come up. The Brewery group is well known for it’s fun and interesting conversations, we NEVER want to stop that, it's why we are known as "the Brewery" :) Just remember to always keep it upbeat, NEVER negative, and watch yourself, that you don’t carry on for more than a few minutes. Use common sense and courtesy. Take it to our Builders Brewery Speakeasy group if you would like to continue with the conversation.

If you do not want to see the group chat, close the group, not just minimize it. Most viewers now allow you to turn off group chat for specific groups.


Posting Website LINKS

Here are our guidelines for posting in group chat.


* Non-Approved Links - Send in private IM please

* Marketplace Links are not allowed in group chat, please send them privately.

Due to the increased problem with phishing and scam links being posted, we are currently in a high alert mode, so we ask that you be patient, while we migrate our rules on this. We want you to be able to share helpful (non-commercial) links, but we have to be smart about it for everyone.

Sadly bad people disguise legitimate links, such as to a spoofed SL Marketplace link, that looks exactly like the real SL marketplace link, but sends you to different link without you knowing, and then it's sometimes too late. They try to scam you, hack you, or leave a virus on your computer when visiting their site. We needed to take an unfortunate action on not allowing just any link to be posted in group chat, especially without permission... We hope to reinstate allowing links at some point, but while it's nearly impossible to see where a link is "really" going to, like you can in a browser, we need to protect you, our members. So for now, please hang in there for us, help us to educate others about following links, as not all members will know or even understand this rule.

"Please post all links in private when possible"


This is a fluid, and growing list of allowed links. Obviously this section would grow too large at the way we are presenting it, however, once we hit that point, we may relax our limit on links. Our goal is to educate the public on phishing scam links, and we truly hope that Linden Lab will find a way to show the exact link direction with a mouse hover, like a website allows.

Contact a moderator to confirm if you are unsure or the link is not listed. Moderators are allowed to post a link, so maybe they will even post one for you or approve for you to use the link. :)

Moderators are allowed to post any link they think will assist in helping others.

Second Life and Related

  • Second Life Website and Wiki -
    Helpful links within the Second Life officialwebsite. However, this does NOT include marketplace links, as those are the most popular among scammers to use, or those trying to use them to advertise their own products.
  • Grid Status -
  • Firestorm Website
  • Firestorm Wiki -


Code and Text Sharing (feel free to use another well known source)


Suggested Image Sharing Websites. This list is a growing example of approved image sharing sites.




Looking for Something?

You can ask for help in finding something. Be sure to mention the following preferences in what you are looking for.

  • Request that any links or names be sent in private
  • Type of permissions. i.e. Full perm, etc.
  • State whether you can pay for the item, or need it to be free
  • Mention where you have already looked
  • Mention that you WILL NOT accept something from someone if they do not have permission to give it to you.
  • Remember to help respect copyrights of the creators

While we do not allow advertising your own goods or services, it is OK to pass a LM, URL, or private IM to someone who is requesting help.

If we see that someone is trying to manipulate the rules in order to get free advertising, to gain business, they may be muted and/or ejected. Please post any marketplace URLs in private IM so as not to be mistaken for spam.



What Can You Share?

  • OPEN SOURCE ITEMS (Open Source does not mean full perm).

Because we are a content creator's group, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE that anything shared, MUST be created by you. We will hold the rule, that if you did not create it, don't share it. However, with that said. Here is our guidelines.

Sharing is great, but ONLY if you created it, or it is allowed under ALL of the original creator's terms and conditions of use and is stated as such. Just because it’s full perm, DOES NOT mean it is free to distribute.

Always check with the creator if you are not sure, simply out of respect. If you don’t know, don’t share it.

BB does not support stolen content or violations of trademark or violations of Linden Labs Terms of Service in any way. Please respect and protect the hard work of the creators, ask them if you are unsure.



Our rule of thumb here is "If you didn't make it yourself, don't share it"

We love when you share items you've made yourself (giving something for free with no strings attached or commercial intent). But here's the proper way to do it.

INSTEAD OF SAYING: “Anyone want this car I just made?”

SAY THIS: “I just made a cool car, if anyone wants one, IM me for a free copy”

By doing this, it keeps the clutter of “Me! Me!” out of the chat window, and makes it easier on you to drop onto the IM window (this helps you to keep track of who you gave it to already or not when you have a lot of people asking for it).

Another way to share is to send it to the group Founders for review to send it out to the entire group membership. (BB Founders: Sensuous Maximus & Supremius Maximus).

No Drama

No disputes, name-calling, personal issues, harassment, etc. Disagreements should be settled in private IM's, or handled by Muting the person. If facing harassment, please file an Abuse Report with Linden Labs.

No Politics, No Religion, or Other Controversial Subjects

Please refrain from discussing all obvious hot button issues and topics. This includes topics such as politics, religion, Mac vs PC, viewer wars, abortion, sexual preferences, etc.

Joking about politics or politicians can be lighthearted humor sometimes, but we ask that you refrain from ever going there, as it is just too tempting for many to say something against another party, and that will earn you a ticket to ejection. You MUST keep it general and unbiased at all times.

Do not ever put down ANY political party, affiliation or political figure, even in a joke. We have to all respect each others political views. Do not grand stand by saying or joking about something that puts down an entire political party or person. People WILL be offended. We need to always make it comfortable for everyone to be here, no matter if we disagree with them.

Keep it Clean

The BB group is a PG Group, or G Rated as per Linden Lab's description for sim designation. This simply means that if you wouldn’t say it in front of a 16 year old, your Grandmother, your teacher, or in a business meeting, then don’t say it. Here's our basic list of "keeping it clean" rules

  • NO CURSING! Profanity (such as these for instance) are not acceptable, and you can be muted or ejected if a moderator deems they are abusive.
  • No overly sexual or provocative conversation
  • Please respect each other's boundaries.
  • Context makes a huge difference, for instance:
    Acronyms such as “WTF” may not be acceptable "if" used aggressively or directed towards other members. While we do not condone it, if used in a passive or off-hand manner such as in surprise like "WTF did I do now?", then it may be overlooked. Repeated usage will be considered aggressive, and therefor not tolerated.

No Sexually Related Discussions

They should be taken into the “Builder’s Brewery Speakeasy” group. This also includes sexual devices in your builds, such as slave collars, and BDSM related items for example.

To join the Builders Brewery Speakeasy group, you will need to use the joiner board at the Builders Brewery sim, or request an invitation from any online staff.

We prefer that you use the joiner instead. We do this as it helps prevent the bad kids from getting back in who are on our blacklist.

No Role Play

This is not a role-playing environment. Be yourself!


  • No babytalk
  • No Master/Slave talk
  • Do not promote Gor or vampire rp, or other as an example
  • Do not be upset if someone teases about vampires or Gor for instance, take it with a sense of humor and move. In the same note, do not talk down about them either.

No Spamming / No Advertising / No Promoting

We're here to help, not spam. Sometimes that help includes directing someone to a product, website or service. This is our guidelines for doing so

Do not advertise Lucky Chairs, Midnight Mania Boards, stores, personal promotions, events, sims, land for sale/rent, or post any other announcements that have not been sanctioned by the Builders Brewery.

See our rules on posting links as well!


No Personal Information

Never ask for or provide personal information about yourself or others such as real names, postal addresses, email addresses or telephone numbers. If this information is needed, keep it to private messaging only, and only if it pertains to yourself.

Anyone caught giving personal information about another person without that person's knowledge, will be ejected immediately, banned from all Builders Brewery regions, and reported to Linden Labs.

No Rude or Offensive Behavior

Even if you don't think you are being rude or offensive, you could be to a lot of other people. Remember, we are a very diverse group, from a lot of different countries and backgrounds. It's best to not say anything, if you can't say anything nice.

People from another country or of a different language may take you literally, so be careful and make sure you explain your comment if it can be taken in any other way accidentally.

You could be ejected immediately if found to violate any of our rules pertaining to proper behavior.


No Racist or Hatred Remarks

No discrimination of any kind, whether based on another person's race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or country they live in even.

Do not ever use any kind of racial slur, not even in humor. Even if you think it's cool because it was in a song, or used in jest.

Any racist remark or "slur", will be met with immediate ejection and banning from the Builders Brewery sims.

Illegal Activity

Absolutely no advocating illegal activity of any kind, such as the use of illegal drugs or illegal materials.

No giving away or asking for items that may be copyrighted

No promotion or discussion about pirated software or how to steal from others.

No obvious illegal activity, no matter what country you live in. We will be governed by what ever is considered illegal within the State of California and the United States, due to the base location of the Second Life office of Linden Labs residing there.


Respect Your Fellow Members

Above all else, have respect for other members of the group. This means being kind, courteous and helpful whenever possible. We will not tolerate rude or trollish behavior.

Respect others beliefs and differences, just as you would hope they would respect yours. Do not ever put someone down for what they believe in or how they live.


Dealing with Rude or Offensive Behavior

No matter how hard it is, try to ignore people behaving badly. When calling them back out in group chat, you only feed into them, and the issue continues and usually escalates. If you must say something, take it to private IM. Immediately report anyone who continues to harass or has violated the group rules, and requests to stop from fellow members.


No Disrespect Toward Moderators, Staff or Owners

Disrespect of any kind will be dealt with by a warning, or sometimes immediate ejection. A Moderator is to be respected, and taken seriously. They have been given the task and training to protect the integrity of the group at all times. This goes for all BB staff members, they are to be respected and looked to for guidance during disputes. If you feel a moderator or other staff person is being unfair, take the issue directly to the group owners, Sensuous Maximus or Supremius Maximus in private or via a notecard.


Actions Taken by a Moderator or Other Staff

  • Muting:

When drama breaks out in chat, a moderator may mute some of the active participants, until they are able to determine the issue at hand, and the actual violators. Please don’t take offense if you are muted, this is only temporary until the situation can be assessed. It’s sometimes tough to come into a conversation as a moderator, and know right away who the offenders are.

  • Ejection:

A moderator will eject violators immediately after they refuse to stop the offending action, or have violated other rules. Ejection from the Builders Brewery group for excessive bad behavior will also get you banned from the Builders Brewery regions.


Helpful Suggestions

  • Builders Brewery Speakeasy Group, was created for those conversations you want to continue, or for open topics not allowed in the BB group, such as Roleplay, RLV, SL Sex related questions.
  • Use for sharing long script code or copied text, etc. Please do not post them in the chat window, as it fills up the screen for many people.
  • No question is a stupid question:
    We're all here to learn, so don't be shy about asking anything, and please be generous with your knowledge. Plus, by asking in group, others learn right along with you.
  • Sometimes we don't have all the answers:
    If the group on-hand does not know the answer to a question, or missed it, please be patient and repeat it or ask again later.

Search is Your Friend

Sometimes answers can be found simply by using the in-world search, checking out Linden websites, or by searching on the Internet. Also, questions regarding Group Notices can usually be answered by going to Group Info and retrieving a past Notice (see the BB Group Information window, Notice tab, for recent or undelivered Notices).

Second Life Wiki

Second Life Knowledge Base

Take a Break

If Group Chat is distracting to you personally, but still within the realm of the Rules above, consider X-ing out of the window for a while (top right of the chatbox). Please don't blame the group if you have trouble focusing on other things. You can also change how the text shows up on your screen by going to Preferences > Text Chat > Then adjust the settings under the Chat Console section on that tab, such as setting number of lines to 1, and a fade out to 2 seconds, these are the lowest settings as an example, but can be adjusted easily to your taste. Some viewers have the ability to block it entirely. It is YOUR responsibility to educate yourself as to how to quiet group chat on your computer, NOT for you to tell them to be quiet.


Get Help

In the event of a Rules Violation, a situation in group, on Builders Brewery regions, or related issues, please contact a Moderator, Security Officer, or Group Owner for assistance (see the BB Group Information window, Members tab, under Roles). You can also click the list button in the group chat window ( << ) to see a list of those actively in the group chat. Members listed in BOLD can usually help in most situations.


Stay Informed

Information on BB events, classes, building tools, etc are available at the Builder's Brewery, and through BB Notices (see the BB Group Information window, Notice tab, for recent or undelivered Notices).