Application for Rental



Established in 2008, the Builders Brewery is proudly recognized as one of the busiest and most loved premier schools for content creators in a Virtual World.  The Builders Brewery hosts a multitude of free classes every week, each taught by some of the most respected and celebrated professionals in Virtual Worlds.

In addition to our very active school and many popular events, we run THE largest and most active creator's help groups on the grid, the "Builders Brewery" group.

The Brewery is currently primarily funded by its founders, Supremius and Sensuous Maximus, and relies heavily on purchases made inside the Brewery shop, custom services and generous donations given directly to the Builders Brewery, in order to sustain the two Sims required to provide for it’s heavy schedule and services. We're able to raise most, but not all for both sims however, that is where you come in.


The Goal of Creators Village at Builders Brewery

Our first goal of course is the obvious, to help SL Residents learn and to build. The second is to raise funds for the expensive tiers needed to run this very busy school. Whether you realize it or not, your shop helps others learn how to run their own business in Second Life someday. They learn by your example.

This is why are extremely selective in who rents at Creators Village, we're not trying to be elitist or anything like that, but we are trying to show students how to run a business by good example. A shop here, must be one that will inspire creators. We want to provide a one-stop-shopping experience, showcasing the best of the best businesses who we carefully select and evaluate. After an application is received, we look at your quality, your presentation, your business practices, solid customer service, and the desire to be active with the events held in the Builders Brewery and the Creators Village.

We feel strongly, that by giving our visitors, students and sandbox patrons, a solid example of what quality products are, as well as the quality of presentation. We believe others can and will learn from your example, helping to make SL a much better place in the future.

Bottom line is, we are seeking the best of the best "creators for creators" to help us continue our mission of quality and free education in Second Life, by renting a shop at our Creators Village. In return, we promise to actively promote your business, endorse you, and help the community get to know who you are. The community will recognize your business, as one of quality, one who supports their endeavors, and supports a good cause, while associating you with a reputable organization such as the Builders Brewery. We want this to be a win-win for everyone.

In essence, your rent/tier payments will help keep the Builders Brewery offering the same level of service, as well as continuing to help the content creator's community to thrive.  



Builder's Brewery Community General Rules and Guidelines

Every visitor of our simulators (also called “Sim” or “Sims”) has to abide by the Terms of Service (TOS) ( and Community Standards ( of Second Life™.

The Builder's Brewery has also outlined some simple rules for members to follow which can be found on our Builders Brewery Group Rules page.
The Builders Brewery has an active group of moderators, both in world and out, to keep both the simulators and group chat in compliance with TOS, Community Standards and its own rules.


Benefits and Privileges of Tenants


  1. Direct Teleporting to your shop from a multitude of locations. Your logo is prominently displayed at every single classroom and landing point, with a direct teleport to your shop.

  2. Sales kiosks located all over both sims. Visitors touch to receive current sales announcements that YOU personally provide at any time you want, via a dropbox. Making it easier for you to update your events at any time, and make it more personal. Each week, the system will auto delete the previous notices, ready for your next week of promotions should you choose to do so. These notices you provide, are ALSO sent out by the owners of the Builders Brewery, giving their own personal touch with comments promoting you, and also depending on events or activities that may be related to it, "tyeing it in" with a current Builders Brewery. Be active and provide sales related to seasons, and events being held at the Brewery to get that extra special exposure. We're always looking through your shops, to see if there any fun nuggets to share with the members. ;)

  3. Weekly Sales Announcements directly to our very large group and beyond. Each week a Note card will be sent via announcements at different times detailing promotions, ads, and sales held by our Creators Village merchants. We also will send special sales announcements with our personal touch and endorsement of your business, when you hold special sales events. This is your opportunity to get your promotions and advertisements to a large, targeted and active group, who are interested in content creation.  We believe that this singular privilege of renting from Builders Brewery is by far the greatest benefit of renting from us.

  4. Great exposure to targeted, active creators. The Creators Village is located on our professionally managed Sandbox sim, and next to one of our classroom locations. Our sims also host a weekly Show & Tell, regular Build-offs, and many other activities, right next to and in the Creators Village itself.

  5. The Builders Brewery sponsors several events throughout the year. Each one of those events will be an opportunity for your business to be recognized and advertised. From gridwide conferences with prestigious visitors, to some of the most popular building contests on the grid. There is always something going on, bringing in well over 250,000 visitors per year. As a CV merchant, you are given top priority in sponsorship opportunities as well for high traffic events.

  6. Regular Sales Events, promoted gridwide. Our Sidewalk Sales are always a huge hit as well, giving you increased exposure. We set out tables in the prime main walkway for you to display on. We offer this on our main sim as well.

Pricing Information

Description Prims Available Range of Pricing Depending on Location
Cart 10 $100L - $150L / Week
Small Shop 25 $250 - $375 L / Week
Medium Shop 50 $500 - 750 L / Week
Large Shop 100 $900 - 1200 L / Week
Extra Large Shop 200 $2000 - 2400 L / Week

The Builders Brewery will not increase rental payments unless policy or pricing changes occur by Linden Labs.

Application for Rental

Your application does not guarantee you will be accepted. Our team will first need to evaluate your qualifications, based on content, quality, presentation and customer service reputation. We are also very mindful of protecting current renters, making sure we do not have too much of the same type of product, being sold at the Creators Village. We try very hard to even it out, to keep our current renters happy as the primary supplier of certain products.

Sometimes times there may be a very long wait before you are accepted, due to the number of others on the list already. Other reasons may be because we already have too many of that product being represented, and your name will have to move up the list as others may leave.

You will be turned down, if your products are not of high quality, your presentation is poor, or if we find that you do not hold a solid customer service reputation not keeping with our standards. Sometimes, all it takes is an extra effort in making your vendors and packaging look nicer. Please do understand, that we have these strict requirements in order to continue our goal of "setting a good example" to those who come here to learn... as well as protecting the reputation not only of the Builders Brewery, but also the other renters, who have worked so hard at making their business a success. One bad seed, could ruin it for everyone. Yes, we admit that we are rather protective here, we hope you consider this as an asset, not a hindrance.


Rental of Space

By renting space at Builders Brewery, we grant you the right to rez objects in accordance to the Second Life Terms of Service Article 6 and in compliance with the regulations of this covenant.

To rent a shop you must first submit an Application for Rental.  Whether the shop is rented as a group or by an individual, the person who has filled out the Application for Rental will be held responsible to pay the recurring rental/tier fees in order to upkeep the shop. After approval of the Application for Rental you will be contacted by Sensuous Maximus, Supremious Maximus, or Xavier Sockington. Upon payment of the first two weeks of rent to the rental box, you will be invited to the "Builder's Brewery Creators Village" group. This allows you to rez items within your shop.

No other avatar from Builders Brewery will ever ask you to pay rent directly to them. Never Give Lindens to any other avatar for rent.  Rent Payments are accepted by paying into the rental box.


Usage Fees (Rent)

The first two weeks of rental payment is due on rental of the shop and will be collected before you are allowed possession of the rental.

If your rent payment is not in default, you may make rent payments at any time during the month and as frequently as you chose.  After the initial rental of the shop, all rent should be paid into the rental box.

If you are in default of payment, the entirety of the outstanding rent, plus at least two weeks rent payment has to be met to continue this contract.

Rental payments are not refundable. For this reason, renters are required to only pay that much rent in advance, as they can anticipate their commitment to their contract.

Debt and Default Payment

If the Renter(s) doesn’t pay rent before it's due and the account runs into arrears, the shop in question becomes automatically subject to be repossessed of by the Builders Brewery. Any given grace periods are a voluntary and at any time revocable service by the Builders Brewery.

However, if the circumstances which have caused the Renter’s account being in default are caused by a temporary emergency, a special payment agreement can be settled on.  To do this, the Renter must contact us prior to any default and a decision about a payment agreement will be made on discretion of Builders Brewery staff or founders.  Any default payment stipulations will be waived in the case of a confirmed payment agreement. If the outstanding default/debt is not paid by the end of the agreed period of time, the shop will be repossessed.

Repossession of Shop

The Builders Brewery will never repossess your shop or end your rental for no or uncommon reasons.  The Builders Brewery may repossess your shop and terminate your rental if you fail to pay your Tier/Rent when due, not upholding the quality standards of the sim, or for repeatedly or severely breaking regulations of this covenant or the Terms of Service and/or Community Standards of Second Life™.

If the rental contract has been terminated, your left objects will be returned to you. The Builders Brewery does not have control or responsibility over the inventory servers of Second Life™ and is not responsible for objects failing to return to your inventory. You should contact Linden Lab Support in case you experience any inventory loss.


Premature Contract Discontinuance

At the discretion of Builders Brewery founders and staff, the Builders Brewery may grant its tenants the service of prematurely discontinuing this contract while keeping their remaining already paid tier/rental payments in readiness for a later return.

To qualify for this service the Renter must contact us prior to any default and a decision about a payment agreement will be made on discretion of Builders Brewery staff or founders. The maximum time the balances will be kept is one year (356 days).  After that time any balances will be forfeited.

Rental Payments are Non-Refundable.  The payment agreement does not guarantee or agree that the same location of shop, or availability of a shop space will still be available when the Renter returns.


Prohibited Use and Regulations

In order to maintain the look and feel of the sims, and the Builders Brewery reputation of quality, we have some prohibited building practices and global regulations that you must follow in addition to TOS, the Community Standards, and Builders Brewery Rules while renting.  Some Prohibited Use or Regulations we may make exceptions for. All exceptions will be granted to you via Written approval on a Notecard or E-mail only, and are at the discretion of the Builders Brewery Founders or staff to grant or revoke at any time.

No promotion or advertisement of any type may be performed (either by you or an agent of yours) by chatting, shouting, forcing dialog menus, rezzing signs, scripts, objects or any other possible means of verbal or non-verbal communication on the Builders Brewery Sim or Sandbox without written permission by the Builders Brewery.  Any violation of this prohibited use will result in immediate removal from the tenant group and banishment from the sim.

No affiliate or commission vendors. This is defined as a person who is selling another’s content for commission or gain.  Renters must own all rights to their creations being sold in their shops.

Creations must be created by you. Products sold must be created by the business owner or partner. For instance We do not allow uploading of mesh that you acquired from other sources such as Turbo Squid, unless it is a smaller part of your product over all and you have full rights to it. The items MUST be original to you. Violating any copyright law will be reason for immediate eviction.

No additions or modifications may be made to the exterior of any shop or parcel without the written approval of Builders Brewery.  The only exception is signage displayed in pre-assigned locations.  The Builders Brewery reserves the right to have you change this signage should it become unsightly. During holidays, you are definitely encouraged however, to help add cheer with tasteful decor of course.

Interior Walls, Ceiling and Floors may be changed at your discretion,as we love to see you personalize your shops, however, Builders Brewery reserves the right to have you change the interior should it be deemed unsightly from the exterior of the build.  The intention again being to keep the look and feel of the sim consistent and pleasing to visitors.

No hovertext, heavily scripted vendors, rotation scripts, scanners, greeters, chatters or self-initiated scripts (i.e. scripts that do something without another avatar besides yourself causing it to) may be used.  Builders Brewery reserves the right to return to you or ask you to remove any scripted object which is creating adverse script lag to the sim or interfering with visitor's experience on the sims. Exceptions will be made to this prohibited use for demo products after the landowner obtains written permission from the Builders Brewery.

No Access Restriction Settings (ban lines), Security Systems, or other inhibitors of free travel may be used.  The Builders Brewery deploys a system of insuring that violators of TOS, Community Service, or self-created rules are removed and banned from the sims.  Should you at any time encounter someone in violation please report them to any member of the Builders Brewery Staff.

No structure or objects should be rezzed between 0 and 300m unless they are in the interior of your shop.

Any additional questions can be directed to Xavier Sockington, Director of Sim Management.